About Us

Aside selling watches, your satisfaction is our priority therefore we endeavor you have the best of services allocated to you. With our trained team, we take you into an experience of  time essence.

Professional and Expert Watch Repairmen

We do more than just sell watches and buy watches. With our professionals and experts in watch repairs, we replace watch batteries of any kind, fix your expensive or luxurious watch in less than no time! 

Not influenced by the drive to make you choose or do something you don’t like, we allow you make your choice on how you want your watch to look. 

So, if you think its about time, allow us give your watch a new look and a spice of feeling. 

Our Core Values

We spend quality time producing and rebranding the best watches to make sure you get the best of experiences. This is to say that; you are of utmost importance to us that is why we have values that defines our work ethics, soothing to your demands. 

Flexible Schedule

Our working days are Mondays - Saturdays, feel free to schedule a meeting with our team of experts.

Affordable Package

Explore our best yet, affordable watches from brands like Rolex and Swiss watches. Though cheap but reliable and reputable brands.

Special Offer

Buy from us and get FREE estimates on all repairs and get your desired design customised to sooth your taste. Which also gives you an easy access to replace your batteries and watchband.

Our Mission

It is of great importance to us that we create long lasting impression on people from the experiences they get using our products. As Henry Cloud rightly puts “always leave things better than you found them…” 

Our Vision

To reach out not just to  group of community but to cover a wide range of race all over the world, bringing people of different background to the understanding of ‘It’s About Time We Value The Essence of Time’