Rolex Services and Repairs

Servicing your Rolex timepiece n a timely manner is very important for the upkeep and longevity of your timepiece. Our Rolex watch repair and servicing center offers affordable service form Certified Technicians. After service warranties are offered and continued care for your timepiece.

Rolex Watch Servicing


If you own a Rolex watch and are in need of servicing in the Atlanta, GA area, look no further than itsabouttimeinc. Our team of skilled craftsmen are trained by WOSTEP and other accredited Watchmaking courses to work on a wide range of Rolex calibers.

We use only Genuine or Swiss Made Rolex parts and tools to ensure that your watch is returned to its best possible condition. Whether your watch is in need of a simple battery replacement or a more extensive repair, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.

In addition to our repair services, we also offer maintenance services to help keep your Rolex running smoothly. This includes regular cleaning and lubrication to ensure that your watch is performing at its best.

If you are in the Atlanta area and in need of Rolex servicing, we invite you to visit our store or contact us to schedule an appointment. Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality repair and maintenance services for your beloved timepiece.


Its About Time specializes in servicing Rolex and Swiss watches. Our Swiss trained technician has over 37 years of experience in horology.

We Buy Rolex Watches

Have a Rolex you are looking to sell? We will give you top dollar for your Rolex watch. Feel free to stop by or call us for a free quote.

Rolex Watch Repair

This is our speciality and we have a team who are constantly in search for the right parts for vintage watches.

Watchband Replacement

We carry a wide range of original watch bands for customers. We also take custom band orders depending on customer’s specifications.

Battery Replacement

Watch battery replacement is available for all brands of watches. About 90% of the watch batteries are done over the counter while you wait.

Vintage Watch Repair

This is our speciality and we have a team who are constantly in search for the right parts for vintage watches.

Watch Buffing

Our ultrasonic cleaning and watch buffing process is in a class of its own. The buffing wheel is selected depending on the material & finish of the watch.

Our Working Process



For inquiries on our products, Please send a mail to or phone: +770-442-9854 and +770-399-6958. 



Buy from us and get a one year warranty and the opportunity to get discounts for your watch battery replacements and repairs. 



Our working hours are influenced by your location. We work from Monday – Saturday. Check footer to see a list of our working hours



After getting an offer we see to it that your watch is properly pre-insured, we carefully examine the brand you requested for, box it up, confirm your payment and send it out for delivery