Citizen Watches Repair

Citizen Watches Repair: Professional Attention for Every Model

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Luxury, durability, beauty, and distinction—these are the words that come to mind when you think of Citizen. If you’re fortunate enough to own a watch from the brand, you’ll want to take care of it properly. So, if it develops a fault, the first thing to do is to seek out professional Citizen watches repair.

Never attempt to do it yourself or leave it in the hands of unqualified technicians. They could not only damage it but also void the warranty it carries. Take care of it and maintain the value of these objects, which can become collector’s items.

Citizen Watches Repair
Citizen Watches Repair

Citizen: luxury, distinction, and history

Tokyo, 1918—a watch is born, marking the beginning of the story of a functional and luxurious object that combines tradition, beauty, and durability. Its concept is tied to the Japanese drive that was beginning to manifest itself at that time.

The mayor at the time, Goto San, suggested that every citizen should have a watch. From there, the name was derived, representing accessible quality for all.

The brand came to light in 1924, after the Citizen Watch Company was established from the SHOKOSHA watch institute, founded by Kamekichi Yakamazi.

Seventy-five years have passed, and this company has also evolved into distinctive names like Bulova and Frédérique Constant.

The nobility of the materials used in its construction, as well as its functional and aesthetic qualities, have made it an icon. So, when you acquire a Citizen watch, you’re accessing a tradition. Often, they become collectible items passed down from one generation to another.

There are many models that stand out for their value and unique qualities. Among them are:


  • Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster: a robust, water-resistant watch with a rotating bezel and a stainless-steel case. This model was created with outdoor activities and sports enthusiasts in mind.
  • Citizen Eco-Drive Corso: classic and timeless, its design can be defined as elegant with solid lines. It features a stainless-steel case.
  • Citizen Eco-Drive Stiletto: a feminine and elegant watch, definitely the ideal accessory to stand out from the crowd.
  • Urban AW5005-12X: an urban, modern style watch with a textile strap. This offers Citizen quality at a reasonable price.


Give it the right care

A treasure must be cared for as such, so you won’t want it to suffer damage from mishandling or negligent manipulation. You need professional Citizen watches repairs that respect and preserve its characteristics.

Ensure that the appropriate processes are followed to maintain the factory warranty, which is usually for 3 years. So, it’s important to always go to official sites.

A key to recognizing a true Citizen service center is that they require you to present the original card or proof of purchase.


Professional Citizen Watches Repair

If you have a watch from this brand that is experiencing functionality issues or you want to give it maintenance, you need authorized Citizen watches repair. This should respect its qualities and carry out the correct procedures, based on watchmaking principles.

It’s important that they have state-of-the-art equipment, as well as certified watchmakers who work to high-quality standards. They handle everything from simple cases to complex repairs, breathing new life into watches even when their mechanisms are damaged.

Preventive measures can also be taken to correct wear and tear and prevent future deterioration.

Capacitor changes, pins, dial refinishing, band polishing, movement checks, case and crystal repairs, crown replacement—these are some repairs that can be carried out on your Citizen watch.

A WOSTEP will conduct the correct diagnosis, considering the model, type, age, serial number, and purchase date. To determine the problem, a visual inspection and functionality test are performed using special tools such as a case opener and watch analyzer.

During the repair, only original Citizen parts that preserve the watch’s identity and guarantee the process will be used. This includes disassembly, cleaning, citizen watch crystal replacement or calibration of components, followed by reassembly.

Finally, a test is conducted, considering accuracy, functionality of sub-dials, crown, bezel, among other parts. Water and quality tests can be carried out, ensuring that the watch meets the model’s specifications.

The technician provides the watch along with a Citizen certification, confirming that the proper procedures have been followed.


Find experts for your Citizen watch care

Tradition and innovation—that’s what you’ll find at It’s About Time Inc., an authorized agent for the repair and service of branded watches. Access certified Citizen watches repair and its proper maintenance.

Our value proposition is based on excellence; we offer internal repairs, certified service to individuals, as well as to micro-brands or small watchmaking companies nationally and internationally.

We also specialize in selling renowned brands such as Rolex, Citizen, Cartier, and Omega.

We have certified watchmakers in the WOSTEP program, sponsored by the Swiss Watch Industry Federation. This ensures that your Citizen watch will be in the hands of qualified experts.

At our Citizen service center, we offer fast processes, citizen watch crystal replacement of parts with quality spares, guaranteed work, and complete satisfaction.

Experience, passion, and elegance—we love what we do; we are committed to caring for your watch. We have over 42 years of continuous work and 62,000 watches repaired. These figures endorse our professionalism and dedication.

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Don’t leave your Citizen watch with just any technician; we know how to give it the treatment this valuable object deserves, and we guarantee professional work.