G Shock Watch Repair

G Shock Watch Repair: Preserve Durability and Performance

Gravitational Shock: with this descriptive name, the brand manages to highlight its objective – creating watches highly resistant to shocks and mechanical stress. These watches have a very modern aesthetic and have been specifically designed for sports, military, or outdoor activities.

Sometimes, G Shock watch repair becomes necessary, and if you have already invested in your “triple 10”, it’s better to opt for professional attention. This enables us to preserve its characteristics, carry out maintenance to prolong its lifespan, or restore damages that arise with use or unexpected accidents.

G Shock Watch Repair
G Shock Watch Repair

The Japanese Legacy of G-Shock

This is one of the lines created by the famous Japanese brand Casio. The concept was born in 1981 when Kikuo Ibe had an incident with a prototype and noticed that when it fell, it didn’t get damaged. This gave him an idea to create a watch that was resistant to any accident or impact.

Subsequently, along with the Project Team Tough, they worked to create a watch that wouldn’t break or get damaged. The “Father of G-Shock,” as he is known, is one of the most prominent engineers of the firm and enjoys great renown in the world of watchmaking.

After various tests in 1983 they managed to create the famous design. As a result, they obtained a watch highly resistant to water, shocks, and vibrations.


Why are they considered so innovative?

The creators didn’t settle for achieving that goal; they have been evolving and introducing various improvements. One of their latest creations is the Triple G Resist, which allows their watches to withstand 3 types of gravitational forces.

The G-Shock Mudmaster, Rangeman, and Gravitymaster feature this technology. These watches tolerate extreme conditions, such as immersion up to 200 meters and other rigors.

They have also incorporated Smart Access, a cutting-edge system for controlling functions such as selecting the time zone, illumination, digital compass and alarm programming. This makes navigation more intuitive and faster.

The first watch created was from the DW-5000C line, an icon of resilience and power, demonstrating what can be achieved with good design. It was followed in 1989 by the AW-500 with analog and digital technology; subsequently, they would create the 6900 in 1995.

In the new millennium, watches from the GA-110 line were introduced in 2011, and in 2019, the GA-2100, a simplified type of the DW-5000C. Within the women’s line, the SHE-3000 and SHE-3600 stand out for their more sophisticated design while the BabyG, such as those from the BGA-270 series, stand out for their sporty yet glamorous appearance.

In 2020 and 2022, the brand bet on two models. The GM-110 with metal coverage, whose concept is based on urban design. Subsequently, they would launch the GA-B001 with integrated frame and strap. Which has vibrant colors as well as a more sporty look.

Undoubtedly, you’ll agree that this masterpiece of watchmaking deserves to be properly cared for. Therefore, never leave your G-Shock watch with unqualified individuals.


How to care for your precious G-Shock watch

To preserve its operation and quality, it’s necessary to perform proper maintenance. Never try to repair it yourself, nor allow an untrained person to make interventions that affect the warranty.

This type of watch can be quite complex due to the electronic elements present. Therefore, the technician must have knowledge of both digital and analog watches, as G-Shock watches tend to combine both technologies.

However, it’s advisable to adopt a care routine to keep it always in top condition. We recommend cleaning it with a soft cloth to remove traces of sweat, water, and impurities.

If you have exposed it to seawater, you must rinse it with clean water to remove salt residues and then dry it carefully.

Likewise, it’s necessary to clean the metal areas of the straps with a soft brush and a solution of three parts water and one part special detergent. Then, it’s essential to rinse very well to remove any traces and dry with a soft cloth.

When proper care of your G-Shock is not taken, you risk it rusting and experiencing wear and tear on the metal. Other possible damages include moisture related issues that cause cracks and breakages.

If your watch already has some defect, whether in its mechanism or configuration, we invite you to send it to a certified service center. Only in this place can you receive an accurate diagnosis and apply the correct treatment without negatively impacting the original identity and components.


Learn about our G Shock repair service

At It’s About Time Inc., we have a technical service for G-Shock watches in all their models and types, both male and female. We have the equipment, knowledge and certifications required for a professional and 100% guaranteed job.

Among our staff, we have certified WOSTEP watchmakers. Who have the expertise necessary to preserve each component, movement and mechanism in optimal conditions.

We offer G Shock watch repair in various cases, even those of difficult resolution. We are so confident in our expertise that if we cannot fix it, we will not charge you for the service.

We have very high standards because we know that when you bring your watch, you expect it to be cared for as if it were in your own hands. Our diagnosis is completely free, so approach with confidence or request your quote online from our website.

You only need to fill out the form with your details, enter the model, brand of the watch, and characteristics. For example, if it’s automatic, chronograph, Eco Drive, or if it has crystals and gemstones. Indicate the problem it presents and now follow the instructions described.

Once this is done, you only need to email the form. We will prepare the quote according to your requirements. You can send us your watch with insured shipping, and our technicians will take care of solving the problem. Then we will resend the watch to your address.

If you have a microbrand or small watchmaking company, we invite you to visit us; we offer an exclusive repair and maintenance service specialized for your brand. We know how to work with different types of movements, even those that are exclusive or workshop-made.

We are sellers, we have the most accredited brands on the market, in all models and styles. Here you will find what you are looking for, from the most exclusive and elegant to sports and casual watches. We cover all budgets.


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Get high-quality work for your G-Shock watches. Allow this king of resilience to accompany you for a long time on all your adventures.