Sellita Caliber SW200 Watch Movement Repair: A Comprehensive Guide

Sellita SW200 movements, Swiss manufacturer, and craftsmanship. With a production of 1,500,000+ movements, SW200, SW-200 caliber, precision, and affordability.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of repairing the Sellita Caliber SW200 watch movement. Our goal is not just to fix watches but to achieve broader objectives: outrank competitors, enhance brand visibility, build trust, and keep customers returning.

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Now at It’s About Time, we are happy to announce that we carry a parts account with Sellita Watch Co. SA. Sellita has been working hard in the background for many years now, since 1950, to be exact. They’re movements are now in millions of watches from various prolific brands such as I.W.C., Tag Heuer, Christopher Ward, Hublot, Sinn, Oris, and many more.

Are Sellita movements good? 

Yes!  We here at It’s About Time have come across a wide variety of watches over the past 25 years. We have seen a huge increase in brands using Sellita movements, and with many brands trusting to use these movements, we say that Sellita is here to stay and be competitive with the world-famous ETA. 

Some popular movements created by Sellita that are widely used are the Sellita SW200 (SW200-1), SW300, and SW500. These are the equivalent comparisons to the ETA 2824, ETA 2892, and ETA 7750 calibers. 

At It’s About Time, we have access to parts to ensure proper service for any of the above movements and many more. Please note that we do not sell parts or movements; we use parts for internal services only.  Bring in your timepiece for a free estimate to our Johns Creek location here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Is it SW200 or SW-200?

Before we dive into the repair process, let’s clarify a common question: Is it SW200 or SW-200? Both terms refer to the same movement, but the hyphen is sometimes omitted. Our focus remains on providing expert repair services, regardless of the nomenclature.

Understanding the SW200

The Sellita Caliber SW200, known for its reliability, powers various watch brands globally. As we embark on our repair journey, let’s explore its nuances and understand its significance in the watchmaking world.

4 Grades of SW200

Sellita offers four different grades of the SW200 movement, catering to diverse watchmaking needs. Our expertise extends to servicing all these grades, ensuring each watch receives meticulous attention.

Differences between SW200 VS SW200-1

While the SW200 and SW200-1 are often used interchangeably, subtle differences exist. We navigate through these nuances during our repair process to deliver precise and tailored solutions.

Crown/Stem Removal

One of the critical steps in SW200 repair is the delicate process of crown and stem removal. Our skilled technicians handle this with the utmost care, ensuring the integrity of your timepiece is preserved.

Examples of the SW200

To showcase our prowess, let’s explore examples of watches housing the SW200 movement. Breitling Caliber B35, Ulysse Nardin Caliber UN-22, Ball Watch Caliber 2050, and Ronda Caliber 8040.N are among the notable mentions.

What do you think about the Sellita Caliber SW200?

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At It’s About Time Inc., we don’t just repair watches; we embark on a mission to spread movement awareness. Join us on this journey and be a part of a community that appreciates the artistry behind every tick.

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