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With It’s About Time, Say Goodbye to Stressful and Costly Watch Repairs

There’s no need to be stressed about your watch repairs any longer! It’s About Time offers quick, easy, and affordable watch repair services in Atlanta with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. For years, we have worked hard to ensure that we are the best at what we do. With our watch repair services, you can get your timepiece back on your wrist without worrying about the cost or the time it will take! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 770-399-6958. We look forward to speaking with you!

If you own an expensive watch, chances are you want to keep it in great condition so that it can be handed down to the next generation of family members or sold when you need the money. Sometimes, however, we can’t always protect our watches from the inevitable damage that occurs over time, whether through neglect or accident. When this happens, you may have to have your watch repaired or restored by a professional watch repair company like It’s About Time in Atlanta.

How We Make It Happen At Your Number One World Class Watch Repair/Restoration

With our tool kits, we replace broken watch gear, size and restore your watch’s pivots, this is how:

  • Disassembly: this is where the straps are removed.


  • Cleaning: after dismantling the straps, we clean every individual component with our ultrasonic machine.


  • Replacement: we carefully examine the disassembled parts for damage and replace them with original parts directly from the manufacturers.


  • Assembly: with extra care and caution, we assembly the parts of your watch including the clean case using lubricants that will enable easy movement and prevent wear.


  • Quality Control: for a final check, the power reserve, timing accuracy, and aesthetic appearance of your watch are carefully examined. And if our watch repairmen are satisfied, you will be informed that the watch is completed.  We will then give you a 12 months warranty and details of all work done printed on our invoice.



Why Should I Leave My Watch to be Serviced?

When it comes to something as important as your watch, you want to be sure that you’re leaving it in the hands of someone you can trust. With It’s About Time, you can rest assured knowing that your watch is in good hands. Not only that, but they offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround times so you can get back to enjoying your watch as soon as possible.

Why Should I Take my Watches to It’s About Time?

If you’re looking for a watch repair shop that won’t break the bank or give you extra stress, look no further than It’s About Time. Here are four reasons why we’re the best choice for watch repairs in Atlanta

How does It’s About Time Repair my Watches?

If you’re in the Atlanta area and are in need of watch repair, there’s no need to stress. It’s About Time is a professional watch repair company that can take care of your watch quickly and without breaking the bank. How does It’s About Time do this? First, they only use high-quality parts for all repairs. Second, they have a highly skilled team of watchmakers who are experts at what they do.

What are my Options?

When it comes to watch repair, you have a few options. You can try to fix it yourself, take it to a local jeweler or watch repair shop, or send it off to the manufacturer. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh your options before making a decision.

Can I get my Service Anywhere in the World?

If you have a watch that needs repair or restoration, it’s important to find a reputable company that can do the job quickly and efficiently. That’s where It’s About Time comes in. We’re a professional Atlanta watch repair company that offers service with no stress and little cost.

How can I see Before and After Photos of your Work?

If you’re like most people, you want to see the before and after photos of a company’s work before you entrust them with your prized possessions. At It’s About Time, we understand this and are happy to provide our clients with photos of our previous work.

Your Best Watch Repair (Atlanta)


It’s About Time is your best watch repair (Atlanta) this is because, during watch repair, we consider not to employ complicated factors that are capable of hindering the proper functioning of your watch.

This is what we do; we make sure that during watch repair, we do not over-polish the case of your watch as well as maintain all original contours and edges. We achieve this by using the proper tools to bring out a high-quality shine that only high-speed polishing machines can be used.

For your old Rolex and other watch brands that are not in good condition, we can help you fix them.


For your watch repair, contact our professional and expert watch repairmen. They will provide you with answers to any throbbing question you may have.