best microbrand watches

Best Microbrand Watches: Embrace Exclusivity and Originality

Get Ready to Be Amazed: Discover the Beauty and Quality of the Best Microbrand Watches

Explore the charm and quality of the best microbrand watches. Craftsmanship, beauty, and originality — we’re witnessing a revival of mechanical styles. Those who value them prefer pieces that are exclusive and handmade. Small brands meet this requirement and more.

Their designs are based on exclusivity, the use of unconventional materials, and the possibility of customizing models. Additionally, in their distribution, the manufacturer has direct contact with the customer, making their prices competitive. Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing world of novelty and uniqueness.

best microbrand watches
best microbrand watches

Discover Best Microbrand Watches

A fascinating world, full of creativity and luxury; let’s explore its singularities. Best Microbrand Dive watches are characterized by being produced on a small scale, and many of them are conceived under a crowdfunding model. Additionally, their limited series add an exclusive character and make them collectible items.

These small companies have direct control over their production process, so they focus on the quality of materials and good finishes. An interesting aspect is that they have direct contact with their customers and promote user communities.

They are often not well-known since they don’t invest much in marketing like other prominent manufacturers. However, this allows them to explore and experiment with their designs, providing very particular aesthetics.

Imagine acquiring a watch of this kind, whose series runs out and becomes a rare and difficult-to-find piece. This brings a high degree of exclusivity since they are usually only found in second-hand markets.

Moreover, they can incorporate new movements from recognized brands, especially those of Swiss or Japanese origin. Others even create their own movements, following the pure style of traditional watchmaking workshops.

Regarding costs, there is a wide range of offerings, from the most accessible to those considered high-end. Although, in general, they tend to have quite competitive prices.

It’s important to highlight that the concept of microbrand also includes exclusive series developed by more recognized creators. Such as those manufactured by Christopher Ward or Roger Smith.


Is it Worth Buying a Best Microbrand Watches?

Absolutely, you want the best microbrand watches, but this is relative; it depends on your motivations and needs. Are you wondering if it’s worth acquiring one? Let’s see the advantages of having one:

  • You get a unique and limited-edition product, a piece that stands out among other more well-known watches.
  • Microbrands put a lot of effort into the quality of their watches, using high-quality materials and production. Some incorporate almost artisanal and workshop processes.
  • You achieve an emotional connection, as many creators have a very personal story behind them. This leads to their customers developing a quite close relationship with the manufacturers.
  • You support niche creators, who function almost like an entrepreneurship.
  • You can acquire truly exceptional watches, compared to recognized brands like Rolex, Citizen, Patek Philippe, and Omega.
  • You have many possibilities of finding a unique design that suits your taste and even customizing it.


The Top 5 Best Microbrand Watches on the Market

The watch market is quite saturated nowadays, so choosing one can be quite confusing.

What are the best microbrand watches? The answer is quite relative because you may only want a quality watch or perhaps something really rare, which becomes a luxury and collectible item.

Let’s explore some that stand out for their quality and charm, meeting the requirements of the most demanding.


Kurono Tokyo

Having the name Hajime Asaoka behind its creation is already synonymous with quality. He is one of Japan’s most famous watchmakers, a certified creator who has worked for recognized brands like Seiko.

The concept consists of watches at affordable prices that can be worn every day on the wrist.

They operate with Miyota 90S5 movements, which provide great quality, precision, and durability. The models are distinctive and have their own essence, so the luxury of artisanal watchmaking will be within your reach.

These watches are highly sought after by collectors. Some of the standout models are: Tsuba, the Maestro diving watch, Mokume, Calico, and Mori.



Created by Giovanni Moro and Simone Nunziato, the Milanese brand is based on a minimalist and very modern style. Its simplicity extends even to the names of its models. The Modello Uno, created with diving in mind, offers functionality without any superfluous decorative elements.

On the other hand, the Modello Duo has a military inspiration, and the Modello Tre is made of quartz.



An accessible watch, but with a luxury style, which stands out for the design of its enameled dials. This Scottish brand was founded in 2013 by Lewis Taylor and Victoria Rae and manages to bring vintage style to modernity.

The dial format is small, with a maximum of 41 mm. It has remained limited to two models available in various sizes and colors. Model 1 is a classic watch, and Model 2 has a more robust style; the movements are from Sellita.



Etienne Malec is the creator of this microbrand watch, which emerged from a crowdfunding model. With striking designs, it uses movements of Chinese origin and offers very competitive prices. It covers a wide variety of styles such as diving watches, chronographs, and dress models.

Some of them are inspired by other models from famous brands, with a tribute perspective. An example is its MR01 watch, which bears similarities to the Patek Philippe brand.



It has the peculiarity of not being a new brand, it has been in the market for over 70 years. But it was in 2009 when it started to focus as a microbrand under the perspective of Montres Ambre SA.

Its dimensions are inspired by vintage, with small formats that evoke the 70s and 80s. With almost exclusive movements, they incorporate individual purchased parts.

Some of its standout models are the Rallygraf chronograph, the Sous Marine diving watch, Navygraf a nautical model, and the elegant Wristmaster.


Best Microbrand Watches Within Your Reach

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