omega Watch Repair

Omega Watch Repair in Atlanta: Preserving Luxury Timepieces

Restore Your Treasure: Omega Watch Repair with Us

If you’re one of those people who have decided to acquire an Omega watch, you’ll know that you’ve invested in a quality piece, considered in a way, a true jewel.

Regular maintenance, including cleaning, adjustments, and Omega watch repair, ensures its longevity and optimal performance, just like any other object.


omega Watch Repair
Omega Watch Repair

The repair of a watch of this brand’s caliber is a meticulous and delicate process that requires specialists with experience and skills in this type of work. Therefore, choosing the right workshop is one of the most important tasks. One that has artisans and special tools to execute a task without errors.

Omega Watches, a Showcase of Quality and Good Taste

Since 1848, when Louis Brant opened his workshop in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland, he demonstrated great skill and good taste. Although the first 30 years were dedicated to selling watches around the world, upon his death, his children decided to crystallize his true dream.

Thus, the first watch made in series called Labrador was released on the market, followed by the first watch with minute repeater in 1892. But the vision goes beyond, and in 1932, they acquired the title of official timekeeper of the Olympic Games.

Thirty years later, they achieved another feat when astronaut Wally Schirra wore the first Omega watch to enter space, the Speedmaster, which traveled to space again 7 years later with Buzz Aldrin.

Omega watches enter the world stage and become famous for their precision and extraordinary design. Not only did they play a leading role in space and sports, but they also ventured into the world of cinema when an Omega Seamaster appeared on screen complementing Pierce Brosnan’s outfit in James Bond.


To keep your Omega watch repair in optimal condition, choose the best

Switzerland is known as the country of watches, and Omega is known as one of the best brands in the world. To this day, a large number of models and collections have been released to the market, popularized for their beauty and quality.

If you are one of those who has opted for an Omega watch and understand the importance of its care, we invite you to It’s About Time Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia. A workshop where you will find the best watch experts who put all their effort into ensuring that your jewel receives the best treatment.

This workshop specializes in preventive action, diagnosis, repair, and sale of watches. Even if your Omega watch is a rare or antique piece, we will surely accept the challenge, as we are known for performing all kinds of repairs.

The work begins with a detailed inspection and diagnosis, then a thorough maintenance is done, which includes cleaning, battery replacement, and replacement of damaged or expired parts, if necessary. For us, no job is too small, all inspections and repairs are important.

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia, but we can receive your watch by mail and send it back to you the same way.

How did It’s About Time Inc. start in the watchmaking field?

It’s About Time Inc. has its origins in Johns Creek, Atlanta, California, in 1979. Today, more than a company, it is a family that seeks to satisfy its customers in everything they need regarding their watches.

We have professional artisans who fully comply with the quality protocols in this type of work. From cleaning and lubrication to the change and repair of internal and external parts, we can do everything without a doubt.

Thanks to a solid family heritage based on expert craftsmanship, we can provide reliable service. Our confidence is based on the fact that we have watchmakers certified by WOSTEP, an educational and professional training program in Switzerland that provides professional qualification with international recognition.

Understanding the Omega Watch Repair Process

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, you can come to our store and personally hand over the watch. A brief survey will be conducted so that the technician has an idea of what is happening with the piece or what you want in terms of maintenance.

You will be informed of the preliminary diagnosis and the budget, which may vary once the watch is disassembled and examined more closely.

If you don’t live in the area or want to make the request online, then you must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on the orange button located in the upper right part of the page that says “Repair Form”.
  3. Once the form is displayed, fill it out with the requested information and send it to the email
  4. The corresponding quote will be sent to you within 24 hours after the request is sent.
  5. Once you receive the quote, review it carefully and pack your watch to be sent by the courier service of your choice.
  6. Once received, our expert watchmakers will repair your Omega watch with high-quality standards.
  7. The piece will be carefully packaged and sent back to you totally as new.


Why Choose It’s About Time Inc. for Your Omega Watch Repair and Maintenance Needs?

Although the prestige of our watch sales and repair center can be confirmed by the opinion of our customers, we have the responsibility to tell you about the reasons why you should choose us.

  1. Our team consists of skilled professionals specializing in Omega watch repair and various other renowned brands.
  2. We have state-of-the-art tools and always use original parts to guarantee the quality of the service.
  3. Delivery times range from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the type of service the watch will receive, but the important thing is that we dedicate the appropriate time to diagnose and repair the piece optimally. Remember that quality takes time.
  4. Since we operate on a no-fix, no-fee basis, in a hypothetical case of not being able to fix the watch, the service will not be charged.
  5. All our repairs have a one-year warranty, except for some brands that extend to two years. In the case of omega watch battery replacement, it has a lifetime warranty.
  6. We have formed a team characterized by its commitment and responsibility, which is reflected in the excellent results and quality work.