microbrand watches

Microbrand Watches: Where Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

Watches from microbrands, qualified service that protects their qualities and beauty

Microbrand watches is a term that refers to small producers who mostly operate under crowdfunding financing. Generally, they use direct promotion to make themselves known to customers. Their products stand out for attention to detail, original movements, and exclusivity.

When you acquire one of these watches, you will be part of an almost manual work, where passion meets technology. That’s why many are coveted by collectors and enthusiasts. Something so valuable deserves to be treated with care, preserving its value and craftsmanship.

microbrand watches
microbrand watches


Discover watch microbrands

Unique, durable, with original aesthetics, they reflect the identity of the creator and offer very accessible prices to their users. Watches from microbrands are definitely becoming more popular, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re looking for something different, these types of creations are an excellent option for you.

Their high quality and artisanal focus are very attractive to watch enthusiasts and those who enjoy collecting exclusive pieces.

Originality is one of the reasons to opt for these brands. The limited production and the effort put into design are reflected both in their aesthetic and functional aspects. That’s why they are highly creative, and sometimes, you won’t see their configuration in more commercial brands.

Many are hand-assembled, and their movements may be exclusive or belong to accredited brands. So functionality, precision, and performance are guaranteed.

Another aspect that appeals to their followers and fans is the prices, which are usually quite accessible. This is because they do not make a significant investment in marketing.

By acquiring one of these gems, you become part of a legacy, of small communities that have direct contact with the producers. Additionally, these items increase in value over time, making them a smart investment.

Do you know about these watch gems? We mention some of the most outstanding brands.


Explore captivating microbrand watches

If you like microbrand watches or want to explore some interesting options, here are several suggestions. Discover how these gems are causing a stir and redefining the relationship between luxury and accessibility.


Christopher Ward, luxury at moderate costs

Mike France, Peter Ellis, and Chris Ward traveled along the Thames in 2004, and at that moment, they had a great idea. A year later, they founded Christopher Ward, with a concept in mind: to create luxury watches at more accessible prices.

Their strategy was to sell directly, with reasonable margins and without using celebrities.

This company has produced true marvels of jewelry like the C5 Malvern Automatic or the C3 Malvern Chronograph. Hand in hand with the outstanding watchmaker Johannes Janke, they created models like C9 Jumping Hour, C900 Single Pusher, and JJ Calibers.

They have even created exclusive movements like the SH21, proof of this company’s constant innovation.

We invite you to explore their wonderful watches and enjoy the fusion of uniqueness, beauty, and the high functional value of their creations.


Farer, the explorer

An English brand born in 2015, its creators are Ben Lewin, Jono Holt, Paul Sweetenham, and Stuart Finlayson. Farer means explorer, and with this concept, the developers have taken the brand down the path of adventure and passion for the unknown.

This watch links vintage inspiration in its designs, the quality of Swiss watches, and more accessible prices. It is distinguished by its custom-made dials and cases. As well as the use of colors and originality in its 316L stainless steel or leather straps. Also, for possessing movements from ETA and Sellita.

One of its most recognized models is the Bernisa, with its visible movements and domed crystals. Another standout design is the Aldrich World Timer, with a luxury strap and a very striking dial.

Let yourself be carried away by adventure and get to know this luxury explorer that can accompany you in your great moments.


Norqain, the adventurer

One of the newest watch microbrands, as it was founded just a couple of years ago. Behind this brand are four generations of knowledge and passion for Swiss watchmaking. Adventure, freedom, and independence are the motto of these artisans and innovators.

Their watches have a sporty influence, focusing on mechanical models. All through their three collections, which encompass 25 masculine and 15 feminine models.

Their attention to detail and personalization has allowed them to stand out in a short time. Highlighting their personalized plate and the pattern present on the dial.

Additionally, they have developed their own movements, such as the NN20 caliber created in collaboration with Kenissi manufacturers.


Monta, luxury finishes

Michael DiMartini and David Barnes have created this American brand that, however, has Swiss manufacturing. It is distinguished by its luxury finishes and attention to detail. Like its beveled lugs, date window, diamond-cut hands, and iconic bracelets.

Its Ocean King model is a true icon in sports watchmaking. Created especially for diving, it has great resistance up to 1000 meters.

Another standout is the Triumph Field whose design is reminiscent of the Rolex Explorer. Skyquest GMT, Atlas, Noble, are some of its creations that have also made an impact on the market.


Maratac, Canadian accessibility

A brand that offers high value and quality due to its mechanical components and attention to design.

It uses Miyota and Seiko movements; it has an exceptional price considering the luxurious designs and materials used in its construction. Like its domed sapphire crystals.

It stands out for its clean and elaborate vintage aesthetics. Incorporating a logo-free and name-free style. This gives it a lot of sobriety, complemented by its military air and stainless steel case.

Maratac Pilot Watch, Large Pilot Watch, Navigator Watch, Field Watch, and the Presidential Watch. These are just a few models created by this brand, offering everything from military styles to very elegant ones.

Take care of your microbrand watch with professionals

These creations require a lot of expertise to be repaired or maintained. Precisely, their peculiarities and exclusivity are aspects that make them vulnerable to inexperienced hands.

You’ve invested in one of these wonderful creations and want to take care of it properly. Never leave an exclusive gem in the hands of someone with little expertise. We have the necessary equipment and highly qualified personnel.

At Its About Time Inc., we have WOSTEP expert watchmakers who know every detail and can perform effective repairs, even in the most difficult cases.

We will evaluate your case and tell you how to restore functionality and beauty to your watch. We treat it with as much love and care as you would. Leave it in our hands; we offer guaranteed repair or maintenance for microbrand watches.

You just have to fill out the form available on the website with your details; we will carry out the relevant evaluation. Then, you can send us your watch, and we will do the job. We will return it to the address you have provided.

We can serve your microbrand or small watch company with the quality it deserves. We know how to work with exclusive movements and can even obtain rare and out-of-circulation parts if necessary.

We also sell watches from accredited and popular brands like Rolex, Seiko, Citizen, G-Shock, Hamilton, Luminox, Cartier, and many others.

Write to us at itsabouttimeperimeter@gmail.com to learn more details or call us at 1 770-442-9854. We invite you to visit us at our headquarters located at 11300 Medlock Bridge Rd, Suite 300, Johns Creek, GA 30097.