watch repair service

Watch Repair Service You Can Rely On in Atlanta

Are you looking for a watch repair service center in Atlanta?

Often, a watch becomes one of those indispensable and valuable accessories for many people. Even its style and model can reflect your personality, making it an essential part of your outfit.

But what happens when this gem stops working, and replacing it is very expensive? The best solution is to take it to a watch repair service with sufficient experience and prestige to guarantee the best possible work.

watch repair service
watch repair service

Care and Repair of Watches from Recognized Brands

While many people choose to invest in a good watch, most of them are unaware that watches require care and regular maintenance to prolong their lifespan.

Taking good care of your watch can save you a lot of headaches when it comes to replacing it or costly repairs. However, in Johns Creek, Atlanta, we have one of the best stores for the sale, repair, and maintenance of watches, which offers you the best service.

At Its About Time Inc, we help you take care of your investment and keep your watch in optimal condition so you can preserve it for a lifetime. We have the best professionals from both a technical and ethical standpoint, adding value to our service.


What Services Does It’s About Time Inc Offer?

No matter how much care you give your watch, time will always take its toll on them, and eventually, you will have to take it to a technical service. Even the best watches will show signs of wear and tear, whether it’s on the crystal, strap, battery, or internal system.


If you live in Atlanta and need a watch maintenance service near you, visit Its About Time Inc and leave your watch and your worries with us. We will take care of it and provide you with the best solution. Here you will find the following services:


Repairs of all types of watches

We offer periodic or non-periodic maintenance services, including battery replacement, glass replacement, cleaning and lubrication, and adjustment of plates in any type of watch. We handle the repair of mechanical, automatic, digital, or quartz watches, all in the hands of certified specialists.


We specialize in the best brands

Since 1979, we have dedicated ourselves to this craft, which has provided us with extensive experience. Our staff specializes in working with the most recognized watch brands such as Rolex, Omega, G-shock, Hamilton, Luminox, Seiko, among many others.


We have watches from recognized brands

When buying a quality item, it is important to know where to do it. Here we also offer a wide range of watches for sale, covering a variety of tastes and expectations. The skills and abilities for watch maintenance are essential to provide better service. For this reason, we invite you to trust us to preserve the integrity of your watch and provide optimal work.




How Long Does the Maintenance or Repair Process of a Watch Last?

The time it takes for a watch repair service is relative. This may vary according to the diagnosis that results after the review. When it comes to simple tasks such as changing a battery or strap, it can be faster.

In the case of a more detailed review or a more complete intervention, the time may take about 4 weeks, and if it involves the restoration of classic pieces, it could take about 6 weeks. In this latter case, the work is done with special tools and is carried out by specialized craftsmen to guarantee the integrity of the piece.


Is Watch Repair Very Expensive?

When you go to a watch repair service, perhaps what worries you the most is the amount you have to spend. However, several factors must be considered to determine the amount. These include:


Type of watch

This will always be a predominant factor in the cost of repair. When it comes to luxury watches like Rolex, it requires a high level of specialization and expensive parts and spares, which will definitely increase the repair price compared to other brands like Seiko.


Type of repair

When the repair is simple, such as changing a battery or a strap, the cost will be much lower. Conversely, when a more detailed review is necessary, where the entire system must be disassembled and parts replaced, the process will be more expensive. In summary, the more complex the process, the more expensive it is.


Experience and specialized technique

There is a significant impact on a watch repair service when a specialized watchmaker intervenes in the repair, where the diagnosis and repair are approached more efficiently, especially when it comes to luxury watches.


Location of the workshop

When workshops are in more exclusive areas, it can influence the repair costs to be higher. On the contrary, rates in less expensive areas are lower. However, when the watch maintenance center is near you, it can also be more convenient and practical.



What Are the Most Common Watch Repairs?

Among the most common repairs in a watch repair service, we have:

  • Battery replacement.
  • Crystal replacement.
  • Strap replacement.
  • Crown and stem replacement.
  • Dial painting.

It is important to consider the type of workshop you choose because quality always costs a little more. However, it is also a good idea to request a quote before confirming the work.

Whether it’s a luxury watch or not, it’s best to work with an expert who provides guarantees on the repair and achieves the best result. When you understand the factors that influence the repair cost, it will be much easier to make an informed decision.

In any case, we invite you to come to Its About Time Inc, located in Atlanta, to consult with our staff and compare price/quality.